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Putting the Pieces Together for You!


Lisa has long been an entrepreneur and she recognized that building a business is hard work. Creating an online presence is absolutely necessary and not what you set out to do as a business owner. The tools available for small business owners to do it themselves are either expensive, clunky, time consuming or all of the above. Lisa started Nuts and Bolts Marketing in 2023 as an alternative to the DIY option or spending too much money on a custom website.
At Nuts and Bolts Marketing, our Minnesota-based online marketing firm, we provide web design and hosting as well as social media marketing. We are really gratified by current technology, helping people, and organizing things and we really prize integrity, affordability, and women’s entrepreneurship.


The mission of Nuts and Bolts Marketing is to help small businesses, especially women-owned businesses, with online marketing through website design and social media presence that are both engaging and cost-effective.


To make having a powerful, online presence accessible to small businesses, with an emphasis on women-owned.


Nuts and Bolts Marketing strives to bring you the best web design and online marketing. With that in mind, we do not believe in overcharging you for the work we provide. After discussing your needs with you, we will provide you with a customized quote focusing on your company’s strategy. We will work with just about any marketing budget to deliver a final project that meets your needs.