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How important is social media marketing anyway?

Social media marketing gives you a direct line to your customer base and the potential to reach an even greater audience for your products and services. As of 2022, more than four billion people were using social media regularly.

Entire businesses have been created and succeed because of a solidly managed social media presence.

YOUR business needs a strategy for direct connection to current and potential customers through social media.


There are approximately 128 different social media platforms in 2023. Nuts and Bolts Marketing will sift through the clutter and find the right fit for you to drive more traffic to your website and leverage your social media presence.


Business is always a numbers game. At Nuts and Bolts Marketing, we study the trends and tendencies of your audience to make sure your social media presence is always on point.


With the research data on our side, we work with our clients to develop a plan to either manage your online presence for you or give you the tools to do-it-yourself. Whether Nuts and Bolts Marketing manages it, or you do, you will have a blueprint for success.